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Beyond Spores and Asexuality

March 22, 2017

I’ve been thinking alot about how plants might reproduce within Cosmopolitos. Currently, all reproduction is through a mechanism similar to how mushrooms spore, where asexual spores are scattered near an existing plant.

But this is not how most plants you are familiar with work. Plants seeds require pollination in order to reproduce, where male and female gametes are combined in order to form an offspring seed within a fruit. While I have no interest in simulating bee pollination behavior or complex fruit production, the ability to combine successful genetics of two plants together would deepen the Cosmopolitos plant simulation a great deal.

To that end I am adding two part reproduction where a plant must be pollinated by a burst of neighboring pollen before it can produce a seed. All plants have the ability to produce seeds and all plants produce pollen. Pollen, like spores, are dispersed in a radius around a plant and pollinate any plant awaiting pollination. The genes of the pollinator and the pollinated are then crossed and mutated to produce the offspring seed. All seeds in a batch have the same crossed dna but have different mutations. biobook_plantsf_graphik_27.png

Plants will have an advantage over their sporeful cousins, as they will be able to utilize the genetics of two successful plants at once.

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