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Plant Generations and Time

October 6, 2016

I am exploring a number of visualization solutions for wrapping my  head around the various genetic variables of the SoilScape. In this visualization, I’m exploring the age of the plant population as time passes. Each plot point represents a population of plants of generation y. The wider the circle the larger the population.


There appears to be a blob of plants moving through time. This isn’t a particular group of plants growing older as a plant’s generation does not change. What this does represent is the average reproductive speed of the general plant population. There still exist generation 0 plants in existence after several hundred days, and there are trailblazers reproducing quickly on every column.

I am interested to which factors lend to longevity and what lends to quick reproduction. Perhaps I could color the dots by an average of one of the population’s  genetic variables. My hunch is that if I color by nutrient endowment and sexual maturity age, the two main factors that put off reproduction but supposedly reduce infant mortality rate, the bottom generations will be heavily colored to high endowment and late maturity.

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