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Plans for Convention Booths

July 20, 2016

The Caps and Hammers team and I are planning on exhibiting the game at several conventions this year. Our roster tentatively includes GDEX, Pax South, and GDC. We hope that the exposure will help get the word out about the game. There are many people who deserve to play it. I’ve had a bit of practice running booths at RIT’s Rudicon and other local conventions, so my pitching ability is becoming solid.

It will be exciting to bring C&H to a larger stage, with official pamphlets, new cards, and booth accessories. One such accessory we are thinking about is fake wall constructing of soft bricks. Fans will give their name and at the phrase “Mr/Mrs/Miss Fan, tear down this wall” they break it down to great applause. Hopefully I’ll get to announce the destruction of the wall over a microphone.

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