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Plants affecting Rainfall

February 10, 2016

So before, my annual rainfall approximation algorithm only factored in geography, water increased moisture in the air causing greater rainfall, and land took away moisture, with mountains taking away almost all moisture. Now that my tectonic and plant simulation are part of the same program, I can more easily update the rainfall approximation at lower time intervals, and I can factor in the presence of plants and their role in the water cycle. An article from Nature journal stated that Greenery can have a number of effects on a local climate. Plants are thought to transfer moisture from the soil into the air by evaporation from their leaves, and hold water in the soil close to the surface, where it can also evaporate. Plants would, in this new model, add moisture to the atmosphere from their water stores.


Notice how the mountains affect rainfall…

One thing I should mention is that, in my simulation, rainfall never undergoes water movement like seawater does. Rain in a province simply feeds the plant plots, and perhaps affects soil nutrient erosion. If rainfall affected soil erosion, we might see a feedback loop too many plants created too much rainfall creating too much soil erosion, which hampers plant growth, maintaining a population that did not abuse the soil.

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