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Deadlines, deadlines…

January 3, 2016

In preparation for Rubicon, I will be ordering 25 units (the minimum run) of APCW around the 14th of January. I received my demo package of the cards, box, and stickers in ~2 weeks, so 1.5 months out should be sufficient time for 25 units to be manufactured, delivered, and assembled.

The 14th is my first real deadline, and there is much art, mechanics, and rules (the RULES) to finalize. Art and wording are whittling processes, so I’ve put in a great deal of hours to get it all where it needs to be.
Deployment version 1.0 of the game will include:

  • 113 ct. Poker Deck
  • A clear plastic (surprisingly sturdy) deckbox
  • A title sticker to go on the top of the deckbox
  • Manually printed, folded rules

DriveThruCards will be my card and deckbox manufacturer and Uprinting will be sticker printer. The unit cost is OK; I look forward to economy of scale helping me out when I have larger orders.

It’s a shame I don’t have a garage, basement, or the like to assemble these in, like the great startups of the past.


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