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Square and Board Game Geek

December 13, 2015

I’ve submitted my game to board game geek. Now I’ll be able to get criticism and advice from my actual audience as well as have a depot for comments from my playtesters. Most all of my “media presence” so far has been word of mouth and face to face though clubs and university programs, so it’s great that I’m moving online.

I’ve setup a Square account and ordered my card reader. I was suggested to display my game at Rubicon ( the RIT board game convention ) in February. Getting my game to point of retailability will be a bit of a task but at this point I’m largely done with development.

I’m putting together art for Game Crafter so that I can produce some 25 copies for retail. I’m planning on charging $19.45, the year the Cold War began, for a copy of the game.

Tasks remaining include:

  • Ironing out rule kinks
  • Making a rulesheet and Defcon Meter that is deckboxable
  • Figuring out what things MUST appear on box art, for instance I don’t have a barcode planned
  • Getting the game in front of the people that deserve to play it
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