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AI “Discussion” Program

January 3, 2014

I began work a couple of months ago on a command prompt program where one communicates with an AI.

I leave “discussion” in quotes because I am not simulating discussion persay but more an exchange of information. The user and AI both use complex words to dictate their meaning. For instance “state me profession welder” would tell the AI that I am in fact a welder, and the AI would update what it knows about me accordingly.

Currently, the system allows you to update and ask questions to the AI, basically writing and reading from the AI’s database.

I intend to combine this program with my Space Walk program so that the player may communicate with other astronauts without having to hard code any responses. This combining would necessitate the addition of AI motive that the AI may know what it needs to ask the player. All in due time.

In magic fairy land, I see my AI being just smart enough to know how to start and end a conversation as well as have a conversation with another AI without human interference. This way, the AI might be able to do shuttle repairs or other spacefaring things with groups of AI, all the while communicating and responding as a group to stimuli.

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